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Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repair Service

Wheel Repairs

At Ace Performance Cars, we don’t make compromises when it comes to our alloy wheel repair services. We only expect outstanding, professional results for the final product. 

We analyse the damage for each and every wheel at the workshop to determine or confirm a final cost. 
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Where it is difficult to ascertain the cost based on our price list, we will price on a time charge basis. 

We are also happy to negotiate prices when processes overlap so we are providing you with great value for money.

Cosmetic & Minor Damage 

  • Kerbing - scuffing and scraping no deeper than 0.25mm 
  • Surface discolouration and dull appearance.
  • Rust - surface bubbles and paint delamination. 

Structural & Severe Damage

  • Pothole damage - the wheel is egg-shaped (Horizontal Wobble)
  • Impact to wheel face - the wheel has a twisted or bent spoke (Vertical Wobble)
  • Cracked and leaking rims - making the tyre unseal 
  • Top impact to rims - severe damage, torn and ripped 
  • Side impact damage to rims - severe damage, torn and ripped

Visual Step-by-Step Process

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